Dreamcast/PC Game Maker – Titan IDE 0.6 is online!

When I released the first version of Titan IDE on April 22, 2017, I cound’t have thought I’d get this far. The tool that was born to make easier the development of my projects was open to the public and today it gets to the version 0.6.

The 0.6 version has a new interface and a much smaller installer (700 MB). In addition all the features of previous versions have been maintained and improved. 5 templates being 2 platform, 2 ShumUps and 1 RPG comes together with the graphical interface to facilitate the development of games for Dreamcast and PC.

Download for the version 0.6

Tutorial to learn how to use the tool

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The development of the tool will continue but now at a slower pace. I will use all my energy to focus on developing my game Survival Code for the Sega Saturn, Dreamcast and Mobile.

A DVD version of the Titan IDE will be available on our website soon, always with the most current version. Thanks for the support during all this time and continue sending positive energies so that the game has the same success of the engine 🙂

Any questions or bug, please report on the forum Titan Game Studios.

Licença Creative Commons
Este trabalho está licenciado com uma Licença Creative Commons – Atribuição 4.0 Internacional.

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