[English] – Titan IDE 0.4 – Download

The initial idea for version 0.4 of Titan IDE was to add a RPG template, but because making it has gotten harder than expected, I decided to release the 0.4 version with a Vertical ShumUp template. In addition to the new template, I’ve replaced the emulator to Demul to avoid some bugs that were reported with NullDC and also updated the version of NotePad ++ that is included in the tool.

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 14.44.34

For version 0.5 we will finally have the RPG template that is doing well by now and also some updates on the interface. So it wont be necessary to rename the folders to use a specific template anymore. Some friends have also asked me to do some video lessons using the tool, so I ask you to sign up in our channel where the videos will be posted.

Last Saturday 05/05/2018 we attended the 8th Anime Games Festival event where we presented the Titan IDE and some demo of games developed using it. The reaction of the people was very positive, and we were invited to participate in other events in which we will announce very soon. Take a look on the pictures of the event and keep an eye on the new updates 🙂

Download Titan IDE 0.4Tutorial


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