Using Dreamcast saves on the emulator!

Have you ever thought about continuing to play your favorite game while you are traveling without the console? If yes, this tutorial was written for you!

This tutorial will teach you how to transfer your Dreamcast saves to the NullDC emulator.

We have warned you, we will not be responsible if you get fired while playing Phantasy Star Online during your work XD.

First follow this tutorial to extract the saves from your Dreamcast!

  • Download the file VMSBrowser;
  • Place the VMSBrowser EXE inside the NullDC folder;
  • Start the emulator without any game, go to file and format the VMU.


  • When you do this, the emulator will create a file named vmu_data_port01.bin;


  • Rename this file to vms.bin;
  • Open the vmsbrowser.exe;
  • Click on Import save;
  • Import all the game files.



  • Click on Write vms.bin;
  • In the emulator folder rename the file vms.bin to vmu_data_port01.bin;
  • Open the emulator with your game and you’re ready to continue your game from where you was on Dreamcast.

WhatsApp Image 2018-02-04 at 21.22.31

Exporting files to the Dreamcast:

  • Rename the file vmu_data_port01.bin to vms.bin;
  • Open the vmsbrowser.exe and click on reload VMS.bin;
  • Select the files, and then click on Export Raw;
  • The VMU files will appear inside the emulator folder, grab them and transfer again using the SD Card + DreamShell card🙂


Licença Creative Commons
Este trabalho está licenciado com uma Licença Creative Commons – Atribuição 4.0 Internacional.

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