How to copy VMU files to a PC?

If during your gamer life you have already lost saves from your favorite games or your memory card got full, then you understand why this tutorial is important.

I will list here some things in which this will be useful to you:

  • Back-Up your Phantasy Star Online character;
  • Use the same saves that you use in your Dreamcast in an emulator;
  • Download DLCs using a PC and transfer the files to your Dreamcast;

What is necessary?

  • A SD card adapter for Dreamcast;
  • A SD Card;
  • A CD burned with DreamShell (If your console doesn’t have a mod bios);


  • Turn on your Dreamcast with the DreamShell CD and then select File Manager.


  • Click on “Switch to dual or single window mode”


  • In the first window choose your VMU, in the second choose your SD card.


  • Select the desired file in the VMU and then click “Copy selected file”


  • Click confirm and everything is ready, your files will be copied to your SD card 🙂


Licença Creative Commons
Este trabalho está licenciado com uma Licença Creative Commons – Atribuição 4.0 Internacional.

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