Communication between Sega Saturn and Smartphone, improving graphics, Dreamcast and talking about our dream.

It’s been almost a month since we announced Project Blaze, we got very surprised with everyone’s reaction, in less than one month our FaceBook Page has more than 1400 likes and we received a lot of messages. We are really grateful for all the support.

So it’s our responsibility to keep everyone updated about how our project is going, and today we have exciting news.

Improving graphics, functions and interface.

We are working hard to improve the graphics. Coding for Sega Saturn is not an easy task, however we have already gotten visible improvements, effects like parallax, transparency are already working, we have also added an functional HUD and the game is running at 60fps, but we want to go further and start to test some particles to have effects like smoke, fog and others.

Transparency on Sega Saturn

Distinction between the versions

We want to make sure the game will take the best of each platform, so we are exporting different assets for each version, as you can see below the android version has HD sprites while the Sega Saturn one runs on its native resolution 320×240.

Sega Saturn version.
Mobile version.

Communication between the versions

Besides of having the game running on different platforms we want to go further, so, we started testing different kind of communications and the best solution we’ve found was by using QR Codes. It will open endless possibilities. The game for mobile is already able to read the QR Code from the console version, and it also generates some codes (Like the old passwords) where you can insert on the console version. What we are going to do with that, you will see soon.

Sega Saturn version showing the QR Code.
Sega Saturn logo inside the mobile version, it indicates you can use the QR Code Scanner.
QR Code Scanner – Mobile version.

Dreamcast version

We have just started doing some tests on the Dreamcast, however, we are going to work on this version only when we feel we achieved everything we could on the Sega Saturn.

Starting our work on Dreamcast

Our Dream

If you are reading it probably you are a Sega fan. We from Titan Game Studios are like you and we have a dream. Brazil is one of the countries that has more Sega Fans around the world and we would like to give to those people the opportunity to see their favourite consoles with a new game at Brazil Game Show 2017. But we have a lot of things ahead, and before it becomes true, we need all the support possible, so, if you like our idea please, share it, tell for your friends. Let’s do it together 😉


See you next update 😉

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